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    First Annual Motown Trivia Night

    MOTOWN IS BETTER THAN YO' TOWN! On Thursday, April 20, over 150 proud alumni, Morris School District staff, parents of students/alumni and community members attended our first annual Motown-themed trivia night! Twenty-five teams gathered with MHS graduates spanning 56 class years from the class of 1965 up to 2021!
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    MSD Advantage

    A CULINARY HOMECOMING When a chef with years of training and experience under his coat offers to teach a culinary class on scratch-made pasta – you jump at the opportunity! Especially when it’s famed Morristown-native, Chef AJ Sankofa! At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Morristown High School Culinary Arts students had the pleasure of meeting fellow Colonial, Chef AJ Sankofa, class of ’15, where they learned first-hand, how to make fresh, authentic pasta like the dishes on his menu at ESO Artisanal Pasta in Morristown.
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