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    Salute to Teachers

    AN OPUS - CELEBRATING ANN B. RHINES “When I learned that my all-time favorite elementary school teacher, Ann Rhines, had just retired from the Board of Ed, and an event honoring her would include former students, I immediately hopped on. A Hunter grad transported to the ‘burbs, Mrs. Rhines was and is a genuine powerhouse who nurtured generations of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, sussing out our fledgling ambitions, instilling confidence, and reliably having our backs — e.g. marching a student rejected during school-band tryouts back to the music room and persuading the maestro to give him a chance (that boy is now a highly regarded rock-n-roll drummer… ).
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    We've Got Spirit...

    MHS HOMECOMING RETURNS! Did you miss it? Here’s a glimpse of the festivities from the recent Morristown High School Homecoming…. Colonial spirit was in the air as MHS Varsity Football hosted Randolph on its newly renovated turf.  As always, the energy of the MHS cheer squad and marching band provided game-ready excitement!  
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