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    LEGACY OF BELOVED 2013 MHS ALUM CONTINUES WITH MYLES SMILED ON YOU AWARD In 2019, the Morris Educational Foundation selected five Morristown High School alumni as the first recipients of the Myles Smiled on You Award for secondary education loan reduction.  The award was created in memory of Myles Mislavsky, Morristown High School graduate class of 2013, and is funded by his family, friends and the Golden Bagel Runners who knew and loved Myles. 
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    Morris School District Returns to School

    THE MEF AND MSD COMMUNITY WELCOME BACK STAFF WITH GRATITUDE On September 8, the 2020-2021 Morris School District school year officially began with hybrid instruction for all Pre-K through 12th grade students in all ten schools. As with any new school year, many felt a mix of excitement and nervousness wondering what this new school year would look like.
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